2018/2019 Program Year

Project Higher Ed has opened up services for high school students from any Chicago Public High School.  The application process is currently open and we are recruiting additional families.  The 2018/2019 Program Workshops will be held in Bronzeville at The Arts and Recreation Center at Ellis Park. 

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PHE Workshops

The monthly PHE Workshops are the cornerstone of our program.  PHE Workshops are implemented for students and parents.  We are happy to announce a new partnership with two local organizations, The Jackson Park Yacht Club and The National Association of University Women - Chicago Branch; these organizations will be among our many guest workshop facilitators.  

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student workshops

The schedule for students includes TWO WORKSHOPS each month.  The schedule in created in advance for the entire school year and provided during orientation.  The workshops are held on Saturday's and bus transportation is available for all students.

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parent workshops

The schedule for parents includes ONE WORKSHOP each month.  The schedule is provided in advance for your convenience for the entire program year and lunch is provided.  Parent Workshops are held on the same day as a student workshop and bus transportation is available if desired.