Project Higher Ed is a tax exempt nonprofit organization founded in April 2017.

The purpose of Project Higher Ed is...

  1. To increase the number of low-income urban students who seriously pursue higher education and professional careers.

  2. To provide exposure and resources that motivates students to set long term goals for college at an early age.

  3. To coach both parents and students on how to prepare and become competitive college candidates.

Our Mission

The mission of Project Higher Ed is to provide opportunities for underrepresented students to confidently pursue higher education by creating solid college plans and providing resources through college.

Our Perspective

  • Chicago area students and their families are our “clients.”
  • We are deliberate in connecting our “clients” to the resources and tools they need to succeed.
  • The creation of a strong “going to college culture” is imperative.
  • Exposure and understanding of college match, college culture, and persistence through college graduation must begin before high school.

Our Position

  • Students and parents are required to attend annual college tours.
  • Students are trained to be prepared and actively pursue the college application process.
  • We support primary, middle and high school students to actively pursue summer activities on college campuses.
  • We educate students and families on the FAFSA application process.
  • Students are inspired to pursue a range of colleges that match their qualifications: (1) match schools, (2) safety schools, (3) reach schools, and (4) dream schools.
  • We are intent on creating stronger communities across the greater Chicago area.
  • We produce opportunities for students to visualize, strategize and realize college dreams.