Thankful for the MISSION

The attached photo reflects a recent day as I had an amazing time introducing Project Higher Ed to a small group of seniors at Michele Clark Academic Prep! 

These ambitious and inquisitive students have been nominated by school administrators as excellent candidates for our programs.  These students have a varied range of academic history, personal backgrounds and social experiences.  They are curious about a variety of careers from what it takes to become a nurse to what exactly a Project Manager does.  They are students in a STEM High School being exposed to professionals in that field; they are fortunate for the exposure. 

As the Founder of Project Higher Ed, this organization was conceived especially for them.  While it is a fact that there are hundreds of organizations that have been created for students such as our young leaders at Michele Clark High, more often than not, these nonprofit founders, philanthropist, and STEM professionals do not look like them or come from similar backgrounds as theirs.  Our students need both.  They need the diversity in leadership and exposure. They need to regularly see successful African-American surgeons, veterinarians, software architects and endodontists. 

With that in mind, routine exposure to universities and colleges that produce successful African-American professionals is desperately needed for these underrepresented students.  Many first-generation college students can find their way to college but never end up graduating.  Our goal is to help them get to college and succeed with graduation in pursuit of a professional career.  Our goal is to introduce a variety of college and universities to the students and their parents too!  At Project Higher Ed we believe that students and their parents deserve the exposure.  It is a fact, that you do not know, what you don’t know.  Therefore, we want them to know more and make themselves available for a variety of options; weighing options that are better suited for them individually with consideration of who they are and their long-term life goals. 

Let’s face it, success is relative and based on individual desires.  It is commonly said, and even more widely understood that EXPOSURE is everything.  The MISSION of Project Higher Ed is to provide opportunities for underrepresented students to confidently pursue higher education by creating solid college plans and providing resources through college graduation.  Today, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, I am THANKFUL for the work; to be working on purpose for this mission.  Exposing our students, to high quality tutors, intentional college tours, structured college entry test prep and relatable mentors who develop relationships with both student and parent.

Thank you for your support.  Whether you desire to work with us as a mentor or are more comfortable with a philanthropic deed of giving, we are doing the work together and I am truly thankful for all that you are doing.  Project Higher Ed was created for us, by us and we are honored to do the work!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Veleda Simpson